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We are Started to Offer Sameday Service to you.

Sameday Express is uprising and fast growing courier company. Our foray into courier industry is not just creating another courier company, it is a lifetime commitment to excellence and trust that you as our worthy customer, can bank upon this commitment and we are soundly backed by our study growth and spending products and service offering. It is our constant end over to embrace change in whatever way require to provide you the best courier services.

We may also inform you that through our infrastructural strength, we are feeding approx two thousand destination in all over india, we are backed and supported by our professional staff members and full fleet of various vehicles for picking and carrying of load/ packets for one destination to in other.


Nationwide coverage.Dedicated Sameday Delivery

Delivering on time, safe,reliable and wherever you need is important to us. At the end of the same day, it’s all about delivering on your promises. Cost effective Sameday deliver solution

Sameday Droff off solution

Easily integrate Dropoff’s feature-rich API into your e-commerce system or POS to offer your customers a same-day delivery option directly at checkout. From there, customers can choose from ASAP, 2-hour, 4-hour or All Day for delivery at their convenience. Increase sales and improve customer satisfaction by adding a same-day delivery option.

Multiple Delivery Options

Same delivery options 2-Hour, 4-hour and All Day windows. These options are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience and cost savings.

Sameday On-Demand or Pre-Scheduled

In addition to Dropoff being available on-demand, businesses can also pre-schedule deliveries up to 30 days advance, or set up recurring or route-based deliveries. Our drivers are always on call to ensure your delivery gets exactly where it needs to go, at whatever time it needs to get there.

Up-To-The-Minute ETAs

Once your order has been accepted, Dropoff’s up-to-the-minute ETAs will let you know when your driver is set to arrive for pick-up. We’ll also provide you with a photo of your delivery driver and their phone number, so you can contact them should any questions or issues arise.

Live Map Tracking

Once your package is en route, you can watch exactly where your package is in the delivery process with our real-time, live map tracking.

Email Confirmations

Sms/Email confirmations instantly notify you when your Dropoff has been picked up and delivered. If you’d like your recipient to receive confirmations as well, simply provide their email address during the order process.


  • Same day Delivery to Chennai to Colombo
  • Same day Delivery to Chennai to Singapore
  • Same day courier to chennai
  • Same day courier to Delhi to chenai
  • Same day courier to Mumbai
  • Same day courier to Bangalore
  • Same day courier to Kolkotta
  • Same day courier to coiambatore
  • Same day courier to Madurai
  • Same day courier to Tricy
  • Same day courier to salem
  • Same day courier to Thanjavur
  • Same day courier to Pondychery
  • Same day courier to Tutucorin
  • Same day courier to Tirunelveli
  • Send Same day Gifts to Trichy
  • Send Same day Gifts to Kolkotta
  • Same day courier to Hyderabad
  • Send Same day Gifts to Hyderabad
  • Same day courier to Vijayawada
  • Same day courier to Vijzag & other all metros

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With Same day delivery at All Major city in India.

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